Coronatin Anthems - The Sixteen

The Sixteen: Handel Coronation Anthems


Product Description

Handel’s Coronation Anthems have delighted audiences ever since their first performance in 1727. They appear in all their glory on this recording interspersed with a selection of Handel favorites including an interesting version of his Organ Concerto in F Major op. 4 in its original version with the finale of an Hallelujah chorus. One of Handel’s first tasks as a naturalized British Citizen was to write the music for the Coronation of the new monarch — King George II. Rarely did a composer of the day have such an audience for his new works and Handel composed his four Anthems to match the pomp and grandeur of the occasion and, of course, the venue — Westminster Abbey.

  1. Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
  2. Coronation Anthem: My heart is inditing HWV 261
  3. Organ Concerto in F Major Op.4 No.4
  4. Coronation Anthem: Zadok the priest HWV 258
  5. Coronation Anthem: The King shall rejoice HWV 260
  6. Overture to Jephtha
  7. Coronation Anthem: Let thy hand be strengthened HWV 259
  8. Worthy is the lamb (from Messiah)
  9. Amen (from Messiah)