We are proud to celebrate the completion of the Instrumental Voices capital campaign, with $13.5 million raised to support the endowment, strategic initiatives, and the Bicentennial. This landmark result, exceeding the original goal of $12 million, was achieved through the generosity of more than 600 donors and the leadership of our dedicated Board.
We extend our deep thanks to all those who participated by donating, hosting, or attending special events, coming to our concerts, and being strong advocates for Baroque and Classical music and music education.

Wat H. Tyler, Co-Chair*
Karen S. Levy, Co-Chair
Mitchell Adams
Janet P. Whitla

Todd H. Estabrook, Co-Chair
Robert H. Scott, Co-Chair
Kathleen W. Weld, Co-Chair
Willma H. Davis, Treasurer
Amy S. Anthony
Miguel Canizares
Julia D. Cox
Nicholas Gleysteen
Carl Kester
John Morris
Mary Nada
Brenda Reny
Michael Scott Morton
Elizabeth Wax
Robert N. Shapiro, Advisor 

Harry Christophers, Artistic Director
Emily Marvosh, H+H Chorus Member
David Snead, President+ CEO
Mike Peluse, Director of Development
Jan Miner, Campaign Major Gifts Officer
Tom McGinley, Campaign Manager
Mary K. Eliot, Campaign Consultant

*In memoriam

Growth and Sustainability

Support the key ambitions: artistic excellence, education, community, and institutional culture and capacity. H+H will build capacity through artist and staff retention and recruitment, Board and audience development, upgrades in technology and expertise, and expanded artistic and educational programming that engages the Greater Boston and New England community.

Produce stellar Bicentennial celebrations. Activities included: a free outdoor performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9; an interactive exhibit at the Boston Public Library; a commemorative book about H+H, written by prominent authors; a series of chamber music concerts; dynamic new and expanded education programs; two new recordings; and the world premiere of a new work by an emerging American composer, co-commissioned with the Library of Congress.

Build endowment to sustain organizational health, which is key to long-term success. Income from the new endowment, estimated at $250,000 to $350,000 per year, will support program expansions, artistic innovation, and excellence.

Support campaign and related administrative costs over a period of three years.


Building a Better Future

The addition of significant funds raised in the Instrumental Voices campaign will enable H+H to address its ongoing financial needs from a place of strength. Revenue from the endowment will sustain expanded education programs and support artistic excellence, innovation, and organizational capacity.

For more information contact Mike Peluse, Director of Development at mpeluse@handelandhaydn.org or 617 262 1815.

The Handel and Haydn Society would like to thank all the generous donors to the Instrumental Voices campaign. Below are some of H+H’s amazing supporters. Thank you. 

Julie Cox Photo

The success of the campaign so far is due to the amazing support of H+H’s close friends. A prime example of this is Board of Governors Vice Chair Julie Cox. Julie brings a deep care for and love of the music, keen analytical and financial skills, and a passion for community service. Her generous campaign gift to support the endowment will help ensure that H+H can continue to thrive for many years to come. “I believe endowments are set up to benefit current and future generations,” says Julie. “If managed properly, these funds can ensure that H+H carries on beyond our lifetime.” Julie speaks from experience, having overseen endowments for many organizations during her financial career, as well as having served on other boards. She strongly believes in the artistic merit of H+H. “The music is so energetic and full of life, it takes you beyond yourself and is good for the soul. Harry Christophers has done amazing work with the group and is part of a longstanding artistic legacy at H+H. It is an absolute joy to attend the concerts.”

Willma 2

Willma Davis, member of the Board of Governors, was introduced to H+H about 20 years ago by a colleague who was serving on the Board. She was impressed by the musical programming and the educational outreach. Having grown up two blocks from Symphony Hall, Willma was exposed to music at an early age, so when the opportunity arose to join the Board, she was happy to get involved.

As a retired Senior Managing Director of John Hancock Financial Services and current Campaign Committee Treasurer, Willma knows the impact the campaign can have on H+H’s future. She says, “A well-run, fiscally responsible organization like H+H needs an endowment to provide resources for new programs and a cushion in challenging times.” H+H is grateful for Willma’s generous donation to the campaign in honor of her mother, Alberta Davis.

David and Lorraine

Board of Governors Finance committee chair David Elsbree was introduced to classical music by his parents on phonograph records as a child. When he and his wife, Lorraine Gilmore, first came to H+H for Handel Messiah they were so impressed that they attended several performances, and not long after became subscribers to the full season. After David retired, a friend asked if he might consider joining the Board. David says, “the decision was easy.” David and Lorraine hope others will be inspired to donate to the campaign, as they were by the wonderful lead gifts already made and all the great things going on at H+H. David says, “I believe that H+H is at one of the most significant moments in its 200-year history. I believe that the campaign itself will be transformative. This is a very exciting time to be a part of H+H.”

Li photo

Longtime Board member Winifred Li and her husband, Bill Oliver, have been attending H+H for more than 20 years. Through their commitment to the campaign to support H+H’s electronic media and internet-based projects, Winifred and Bill hope to introduce a new audience to the organization they cherish so much. The release of new recordings enables H+H to reach a broader audience and grow its reputation outside of Boston. Winifred hopes that this increased exposure and the Bicentennial will entice the “many tourists who come to Boston to want to experience a live H+H performance.”

John and Susan Morris

John and Susan Morris have always had an interest in Boston’s vast music scene. In the four years they have subscribed to H+H, they say it has been a true joy to experience the combination of chorus and orchestra. They feel Harry Christophers and Aisslinn Nosky have brought a passion and energy for this repertoire that is infectious and compelling. For John and Susan, the surprising part is how H+H raises the level of excellence with each performance. These joyful experiences motivated John and Susan to learn about the organization and how H+H builds community around the music. John and Susan said, “to feel welcomed as part of that community has been an unexpected pleasure and adds a very social component of the overall H+H experience that has made it unique in our lives.”

Mary and Sherif Nada

H+H Board of Governors Vice Chair Mary Nada and her husband, Sherif, met while singing in a choir more than 50 years ago, and have been attending H+H for almost 20 years. Mary says, “The concerts inspire us. They are unique in their ability to touch us deeply.” This is why the Nadas felt it was important to give to the campaign. A portion of their gift is an intention in their estate plan. As an active Governor, co-chair of Development, and chair of the 1815 Society, Mary has seen firsthand how planned gifts enable H+H to carry out its mission of providing engaging, accessible music and educational opportunities.


Board of Governors member Bob Scott first heard H+H in performance while in college and has been attending ever since. This year will mark the 50th anniversary of Bob’s first Messiah, and he and his wife, Diane Spencer, have rarely missed a performance. He joined the Board in 1986, when Christopher Hogwood became Artistic Director, a time marked by the transition to period instruments. Bob says, “It is an honor to be associated with H+H and have the pleasure of seeing—and hearing—the Society develop and change over the years.”

Last year, Bob took on the role of Campaign Co-chair because he believes very strongly in H+H’s goals, “first-class performances, a great orchestra and chorus, a really terrific education program, and the determination to serve society in general.” He thinks that H+H has done exceptionally well in recent years and to continue this momentum H+H needs to continue to build a stronger financial base with a larger endowment and the resources needed to implement the strategic initiatives. Through co-chairing the committee and a generous campaign gift, Bob looks forward to “doing his bit” to help the organization succeed for the next two centuries.

Shapiro photo

Rob Shapiro began serving as an Overseer at an exciting moment in H+H’s history, when Christopher Hogwood arrived. He has stayed involved ever since. As part of the campaign, Rob established the Robert N. Shapiro Endowment Fund as a statement of his confidence in the future of H+H, and to make that future more secure. Rob believes that, “the Bicentennial celebrates a distinguished past — it is also the catalyst for shaping and celebrating all the possibilities that lie ahead. Every piece of music is made new when performed afresh: that is a hallmark of H+H, bringing music to life in every concert, for each audience.”

Winkleman Newsletter Profile

Board of Overseers member, John Winkleman has been attending H+H for more than 20 years since he first came to Messiah. Only after this first concert did he realize the great value of the organization as one he wanted to support. John supports the campaign with a cash gift and a future gift through his estate. He says, “I wanted to show my support for the long term future of H+H and its mission of not only performing classical music but teaching music to the youth of the Boston area.”

The Handel and Haydn Society is grateful to the many generous donors who have established named funds through the Instrumental Voices Campaign. The donors include board members, chorus aficionados, and H+H supporters. Seven significant endowments are:

Naming Opportunities remain for artistic chairs and education programs. For more information contact Mike Peluse, Director of Development at mpeluse@handelandhaydn.org or 617 262 1815.

Karen S. and George D. Levy Education Program
The H+H education program, founded in 1985, includes school visits, in-school music literacy classes, collaborative high school choirs, the Vocal Arts Program with its youth choruses and musicianship instruction, and mentoring for college-level conductors. Karen Levy and the late George Levy originally endowed the program in 2008. In 2012, Karen extended the naming in perpetuity with a gift of $1 million, a testament to her commitment to music education.

H+H Chorus, endowed in perpetuity by Jane and Wat Tyler
A gift of $1 million from Jane and Wat Tyler in 2012 is funding the H+H Chorus, ensuring the continued artistic excellence of this signature professional ensemble. The Tylers have given many years of service and support to H+H. This leadership gift was the largest in H+H’s history, and established them as the Original Founders of the Instrumental Voices campaign.

Artistic Director: The Bicentennial Chair
Two anonymous gifts in 2013-2014 totaling $1 million from a longtime friend and donor endowed the Artistic Director chair for a 25-year period. The chair, currently held by Harry Christophers, is named The Bicentennial Chair. This endowment will ensure a strong and sustainable future for the Artistic Director position, enabling H+H to retain the finest artistic leaders for many years to come.

Organ Chair, in memory of Mary Scott Morton
In 2013 Michael Scott Morton established a permanent endowment in memory of his wife, Mary Scott Morton, who particularly loved the organ. This important gift supports the Period Instrument Orchestra’s principal organ position in perpetuity. The organ is a key position for the Baroque and Classical repertoire and is featured in signature works throughout each concert season.

Cabot Fund for Chorus Leadership, in memory of Ned Cabot
Ned Cabot, who passed away unexpectedly in September 2012, had a special relationship with the Handel and Haydn Society. One of Ned’s great loves was singing and one expression of that appreciation was through his 30 years of service on the H+H Board. Forty-seven of Ned’s family and friends joined together to generously extend the Cabot Fund for Chorus Leadership in perpetuity in his memory.

Ronald Woodward Education Fund
Ron Woodward was an esteemed longtime board member who cared deeply about H+H’s education programming. This fund was established in his memory to support in-school music programs that target schools with little or no music instruction.

Robert N. Shapiro Endowment Fund
Overseer Rob Shapiro believes a strong endowment is critical to sustaining the artistic and education initiatives that make H+H an important institution. This fund supports current H+H programs and services as well as strategic initiatives that serve the community.

H+H has a dedicated staff to help assist you and answer any of you campaign questions:

Mike Peluse, Director of Development

Jan Miner, Campaign Major Gifts Officer

Tom McGinley, Campaign Manager

The Handel and Haydn Society
9 Harcourt St, Boston, MA 02116
617 262 1815