Finally, you can fit the greatest musical
masterpieces into your busy life.

Flex Season Tickets allow for flexible attendance at H+H concerts. Now you can buy season tickets to three H+H concerts and have the option to decide – whenever you’re ready – which specific concerts to attend. You receive the pricing and other benefits of a subscription, without locking in schedules in advance.

Consider Flex Season Tickets if you’re a busy fan of Baroque and Classical music. Whether you travel frequently for work, have extensive family commitments, are a snowbird, or you juggle myriad demands, these season tickets fit your life.

We offer a money back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with a performance, we will refund the balance of your season concerts.

“It’s hard to sit through these masterpieces and not feel, for the moment, that life is really good.”

– Arts Fuse

Flex Season Tickets

  • Full payment is due at the time of purchase. Additional tickets can be purchased later for 20% off. All ticket exchanges are free. If you haven’t attended all your concerts at the end of a year, you can donate your tickets as a tax deduction.
  • Flex Season Ticket redemptions are subject to availability.
  • If you would like to upgrade your flex season tickets for any concert you will only pay the difference between your original tickets and new tickets.
  • Flex Season Tickets are not transferable to future seasons.
  • Tickets need to be redeemed for three different productions.
  • Ticket donations need to be received by 90 minutes before the final performance of the season.
Purchase Flex Tickets
Redeem Your Flex Season Tickets

Flex Season Ticket Pricing

Level A – $297
Level B – $222
Level C – $153
Level D – $75