Handel Semele

Friday, May 5, 2017 at 7:30pm
Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 3:00pm
Symphony Hall

An epic tale of ambition, seduction, and betrayal told through some of Handel’s most beautiful music.

“Harry Christophers is the Handelian of the moment.”
— The Observer

Harry Christophersconductor
Sarah Tynan, soprano (Semele)
Jeremy Budd, tenor (Jupiter)
Matthew Brook, bass-baritone (Cadmus/Somnus)
Tim Mead, countertenor (Athamas)
Paula Murrihy, mezzo-soprano (Ino/Juno)
Mireille Asselin, soprano (Iris)
Woodrow Bynumbaritone (A priest)
Stefan Reed, tenor (Apollo)


The Music of Semele

“Myself I shall adore”

Kathleen Battle, soprano

“Where’re you walk”

Bryn Terfel, bass-baritone

“Avert these omens”

Frankfurt Baroque Orchestra

Meet the Cast and Characters

Semele (Sarah Tynan)

Ambitious and self-possessed, Semele is carrying on an affair with Jupiter even as she’s engaged to be married to someone else. Her goal: to live forever, and she thinks Jupiter will get her there.

Jupiter (Jeremy Budd)

He may be king of the gods and husband to Juno, but he has a weakness for women and can’t say no to Semele—even when she makes a demand that he knows will be her demise.

Juno/Ino (Paula Murrihy)

Jupiter’s long-suffering wife, Juno knows all about Jupiter’s fling with Semele and hatches a plot to bring it to an end in a way that Jupiter will not soon forget.

Ino, Semele’s sister has never understood what Athamus sees in her drama queen sibling.  Doesn’t he see that she’s the one for him?

Athamas (Tim Mead)

Few fiancées have had it rougher than Athamas, who’s exasperated with his faithless bride, Semele.  It all works out for him in the end though, as he discovers a new love.

Mireille Asselin (Iris)

Iris first tells Juno of her husband’s fling with Semele.

Cadmus/Somnus (Matthew Brook)

Cadmus is Semele’s father and Somnus is an accomplice in Juno’s plot against Semele.


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