The Handel and Haydn Society holds vocal auditions for professional singers once a year for substitute positions with our professional chorus.

Vocal auditions are tentatively scheduled for fall of 2017.

Singers are required to submit a recording for the first round of the audition process. This should be an AUDIO CD (Please DO NOT send DVDs or discs only containing MP3s – the disc must be able to be played in a CD player, not just a computer) with two contrasting arias from the Baroque and/or Classical periods, at least one of which must be in English. One of the arias should demonstrate florid passage-work (similar to the sixteenth-note passages in Handel’s “Every Valley Shall be Exalted” or “Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion” from Messiah). Recordings of live performances are acceptable, as are recordings made in studios. If the recording includes more than two arias, please indicate which two arias you would like us to consider for the audition. The deadline for submission is October 3, 2016. CDs should be clearly marked with your name, voice type, and a list of works. Discs will not be returned.

After hearing CDs certain selected singers will be invited to audition in person. For those who are invited to the live audition, it will consist of two contrasting Baroque arias, at least one of which should be in English, and sight-reading. You will be notified sometime after October 3 by mail whether or not you have been invited to the live audition.

Please submit your CD along with a resume (which MUST include a current mailing address and your voice type) to:

Jesse Levine, Personnel Manager

Handel and Haydn Society
9 Harcourt Street
Boston, MA 02116


We have no instrumental auditions scheduled at this time. We do
periodically hold auditions for the orchestra substitute list; please
check this page for any future announcements.

Education Program – Soprano

The Handel and Haydn Society announces an opening for a soprano to perform with the H+H Vocal Quartet from August 2017–June 2018.  Based on mutual agreement, the contract is renewable on an annual basis.

About the Vocal Quartet:

The H+H Vocal Quartet, a professional ensemble formed in 1985, shares music with students in over 60 schools annually in Boston and throughout eastern Massachusetts, with particular emphasis on schools in under-resourced communities.

H+H Vocal Quartet performances are an extraordinary take on music education. Using a theme-based approach, four singers and a pianist perform for, interact with, and teach young audiences about music, emphasizing its ability to be a powerful positive force that excites, inspires, and connects people from diverse backgrounds and communities. These performers engage students with high-level musical performances delivered in a student-centered format to offer an unforgettable learning experience. All shows include music from the Baroque and Classical periods alongside music of other eras. There is one Vocal Quartet show developed each season and host teachers receive lesson plans and other curriculum materials to embed the in-school performances into the existing framework of their classrooms.

In addition to singing in schools, the H+H Vocal Quartet also performs in venues such as community centers and public libraries. Quartet members may be offered solo opportunities to sing with high school choirs and the Handel and Haydn Society Orchestra in the H+H Collaborative Youth Concerts.

The H+H Vocal Quartet is an important component of the Karen S. and George D. Levy Education Program, which provides engaging, accessible, and broadly inclusive music education to over 12,000 children each year through in-school music instruction and the Vocal Arts Program.


  • Experience singing Baroque and Classical music on a professional level as a soloist and in ensembles with specific attention to musical text, meaning, and narrative; familiarity with performing musical  theater, popular, and jazz arrangements
  • Enthusiasm for working and engaging with children in grades 3-12 and speaking in front of audiences
  • Demonstrated experience collaborating and connecting with racially and ethnically diverse populations
  • Authentic interest in and advocacy for music education and the Handel and Haydn Society
  • Experience working as part of a team
  • An open morning schedule (up to 12:30PM) at least four weekdays regularly September–June
  • Speaking proficiency in multiple languages is preferred  
  • Use of a personal motor vehicle (negotiable, depending on the number of drivers in the ensemble)

Compensation is based on a per-service rate of $115 for a single session, $185 per double session, $110 for master classes, $27 minimum per hour for rehearsals (more depending on engagement), and a travel reimbursement for drivers.  

To apply for this opportunity in our diverse and dynamic work environment:

Application Procedure

  • Finalists will be offered auditions on June 6+7, 2017. All finalists will be expected to audition in person. Candidates should prepare an aria from a Baroque or Classical opera or oratorio, and a Broadway musical theater selection. Candidates will also be asked to sing an ensemble piece; music will be provided prior to the audition.
  • Rehearsal and/or classroom site visits in the candidate’s current position may be requested if applicable.
  • Submission of a CD or DVD is optional and will be accepted during the application period but will not be considered in lieu of an onsite audition. Audition materials will not be returned to candidates.

The application deadline is Wednesday, May 31, 2017; Finalists will be notified by Friday, June 2, 2017.  

The Handel and Haydn Society is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to diversity in the workplace by maintaining a staff that represents the traditions and voices of contemporary Boston. Auditions will not be scheduled until we have a racially and ethnically diverse pool of candidates from which to select.

CDs /DVDs only should be mailed or delivered to:

William T. Pappazisis, Assistant Director, Education
Handel and Haydn Society
9 Harcourt Street
Boston, MA 02116
617 262 1815 x126