Musically speaking with Teresa Neff

Join H+H’s Historically Informed Performance Fellow, Teresa M. Neff, before each concert for a lively discussion about the music and composers on the program.

Musically Speaking with Teresa Neff is held 45 minutes before each performance in Symphony Hall, NEC's Jordan Hall, and Sanders Theatre.

About Teresa Neff, Ph.D.

Teresa Neff, Ph.D., is the Handel and Haydn Society’s Christopher Hogwood Historically Informed Performance Fellow. She has shared her research on eighteenth-century music at professional conferences and concert previews throughout the United States. She published an edition of Gottfried van Swieten’s symphonies and co-edited The Handel and Haydn Society: Bringing Music to Life for 200 Years. Teresa is a Senior Lecturer in Music at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.