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Subscriptions, single tickets, flex tickets, student tickets, child tickets, group tickets, Card to Culture discounts - H+H offers a wide variety of ticket types to match your needs and interests. We look forward to welcoming you in the hall.

Concertmaster Aisslinn Nosky playing

2020-21 Season

This is not your invitation to attend a concert. This is your invitation to experience a boundless creative journey. To connect with some of history’s greatest composers. And some of today’s greatest musicians. This is something more than music. This is the new season of the Handel and Haydn Society.

Each performance promises a striking blend of masterful conducting, inspirational singing and orchestral precision. Period instruments, performed by musicians dedicated to connecting you as directly as possible with the great composers and the soul of their music, create a lighter, more transparent sound that wipes off the cobwebs and restores the music’s brilliance. The experience is historically accurate. And utterly new. It’s beautifully intimate. And wildly unforgettable.

These are the masterpieces you know, performed in a way you can’t imagine. Experience the energy, mastery and creativity for yourself.

Subscriptions for the 2020-21 Season are now available!


Add some VIP treatment to your concert experience.

Subscribers are guaranteed the extraordinary music of H+H is there for them when they need it. And they get so much more.

FLex Tickets

Finally, you can fit the greatest musical masterpieces into your busy life.

Buy your ticket now, choose which concert you want to attend later.

Flex season tickets are priced at 20% off single ticket pricing, allowing for various seating location preferences.

Group Tickets

We look forward to welcoming your group to Handel and Haydn Society. Whether your group is a circle of family, friends, neighbors, corporate employees, clients, students, alumni, religious group, professional association, or this is your first visit to Boston, it is our pleasure to provide you with a concert experience that is masterfully performed and passionately shared.

Student Tickets

Experience the mastery of H+H on a student budget.

With student tickets from the Handel and Haydn Society, you can hear Baroque and Classical music masterfully performed and passionately shared, without making a dent in your wallet.

Child Tickets

Share the Joy of Music with your child.

With Child-priced tickets from H+H, you can introduce your child to Baroque and Classical music – masterfully performed and passionately shared.

Card to Culture

The Handel and Haydn Society offers discounted admission for EBT cardholders. Massachusetts EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) cardholders receive a discounted rate of $2 per ticket for up to four individuals per card, per concert, on level D seats (subject to availability). Use promo code HHEBT to purchase online, by phone, or at the H+H Box Office.