Every Voice

Additional Resources

Interested in finding more about the music and discussions from this year's Every Voice concert? Please enjoy these additional resources.

Black Voices Matter pledge graphic

Black Voices Matter Pledge

This pledge gives guidance to support anti-racism in choral practice within a variety of contexts, including for conductors, music educators, professional and community choir participants, faith-based choirs, choral non-profit organizations, and choral composers and arrangers.

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This documentary tells the story of the hard-fought campaign waged by American women for the right to vote.

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Photo of suffragettes protesting

Photo of Porsha Olayiwola

Website of Porsha Olayiwola

Boston Poet Laureate and reader during this year's Every Voice concert.

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Your Lessons Now

Voice Lessons by vocalist and composer Mari Valverde, specializing in the transgender voice.

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Photo of vocalist Mari Valverde

People wearing white standing in a forest

Me, My Sex, and I Documentary

With many people now questioning the belief that there are two discrete genders, this sensitive documentary unlocks the stories of people born neither entirely male nor female.

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The Heart of a Woman

The Life and Music of Florence B. Price

An in-depth look at the music of the groundbreaking black woman composer

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Photograph of Florence Price