Musically Speaking Concert Preview

A Livestream on The Complete Brandenburg Concertos

Monday, February 13, 2023
7:30 - 8:00 PM ET

During this Concert Preview, learn about the musical treasure trove that lies in store at The Complete Bach Brandenburg Concertos on February 17 + 19. Emily Marvosh hosts, joined by H+H's Historically Informed Performance Fellow Teresa Neff, who will help even the most seasoned listener unearth new wonders in this exquisite collection. H+H assistant concertmaster Susanna Ogata and H+H flute Andrea LeBlanc join as our panelists for this preview. These world-class musicians will offer their insights and reflections, and answer your questions about the music you love.

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Emily Marvosh, host
Teresa Neff, H+H Historically Informed Performance Fellow
Susanna Ogata, assistant concertmaster
Andrea LeBlanc, flute

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Emily Marvosh

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Teresa Neff

Susanna Ogata

Andrea LeBlanc