Project Handel: Messiah 02

Painting of a sunset



The majesty of the Lord is compared to that of the nature's morning. Light bringing to darkness. The cold morning air flows contrasting with the warmth of the sun. The sun brings life to those who follow. Like a journey the feeling of a mountain hike to view a sunrise makes one view in awe.

Two angels dancing


Oil on Canvas

Messiah as a piece presented itself the overwhelming sense of honor and respect. Upon watching performances of and individually listening to the piece, I was instantly aware of the overarching religious themes. Personally, religion does not play a huge role in my life, but connection does. I felt the connection an angel must have with any human must be stronger than I could ever know. I value nothing more than the connection I have with others and I wish to believe that perhaps even Handel himself holds it just as high. I wanted the figures to be feminine physically, as I felt I could convey more of myself through the work by doing so.

A pen drawing of a Black woman playing a violin


Micron Pen

This pen drawing was inspired by the exact moment the music begins, when the bow meets the violin and, in that instant, we are all connected. Music and art have the power to bring us together, to make us think, laugh, and cry. When one hears a beautiful song, it illuminates the song within ourselves. My piece is a love letter, to all the wonderful musicians who have brought light to my life.