Project Handel: Messiah 04

Artwork of a trumpeter at Heaven's gate



The art piece is inspired by the trumpet in the bass-baritone aria in Part 3. The glory and joyous sound of the trumpet is known through the instrumental solo during the line "The trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be rais'd incorruptible."

Artwork of a violinist in a red dress



Sometimes there is music so powerful that it’s hard to encapsulate in one, single image how it makes you feel. Music, to me, is movement and passion, and nothing encapsulates that better than a performing violinist.

Artwork of Jesus floating above an orchestra




Inspired by the harmonious melody and biblical stories of Handel's Messiah performance, I want to explore the vibrant color themes, varieties of textures, and symbols to picture a fun, bustling, and cheerful vibe in the artwork - "High notes". Watching the Messiah performance, I am able to view the chaotic elements of different instruments led by a conductor to compose a consonant show. Although the performance of Handel's Messiah deliveries diverse emotional states within the stages, it comes to an end with everything resolved, lightening up the spirits of the spectators. As a result, through the illustration, I want to deliver a serene scene but also joyful of the Messiah orchestra, filled with colors, music and people who share the same sentiment. In a same way, "High notes" portrays a chaotic world that we are living in where everyone's life is unique resonating at different tones yet shares an immense connection.

Artwork of musicians and Symphony Hall



Generally, I like to take a subject and find a way to make it feel as cinematic as possible. That was easy enough when it came to Messiah, given the already grand and attention-grabbing nature of the performance. I wanted to focus on the presentation of the music, showing numerous members of the chorus and orchestra juxtaposed alongside Symphony Hall. Beaming light comes from behind the artists as smoke falls down and around them, hopefully alluding to the sense of wonder I experienced when first listening to the piece.

Painting of giant hands descending from the sky



This piece is called "Wave of Change". I wanted to display the intensity of Messiah while still staying true to the biblical theme. The music paints a turbulent picture in the mind while still conveying the message of Jesus and the wonderful things to come in his lifetime. I had the hands represent God giving his Son to the Earth and the blood representing the blood of Christ, while having the biblical angel's symbolic eyes and rings at the base. This piece represents the excitement and 'wave of change' that came with the birth of Christ, as well as the churning and thunderous music.

Artwork of conductor



I was enamored with the movement and power of the orchestra, the sea of swaying musicians. The orchestra sounded so much bigger than it was. Even more impressive than that is their synergy, the kind that only comes from long hours of practice. It made me think back to the live concerts I've had the pleasure of seeing, where you can feel the power of the music, the vibrations under your feet. I wanted to feel that again through my art, so I focused on expressing the overwhelming passion and movement of live music. Of course, this special experience is only possible through the conductor, who leads the orchestra just as Christ leads his flock.

Artwork of a conductor with ghostly instruments



The conductor was said to know a little bit about all the instruments apart from the music. I thought of this as the band being an extension of the conductor, and in a way, connecting them to the spirit of the music itself, and the historical instruments.

Artwork of an orchestra and chorus in the sky



My artwork focuses on the performance of the orchestra rather than the story. Although the story is the main focal point, I believe that the work of the orchestra should have its own spotlight as I attempt to associate both the orchestra and the story. The artwork displays players with instruments surrounded by heavenly clouds covered in warm colors. Doves fly above everyone while a ray of sunlight shines behind them. There is also a sense of hierarchy as the conductor in the background is the largest while having the choir underneath and the players with instruments in the foreground.