Project Haydn The Creation


Each season, juniors in the Illustration Department of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design create works of original art in response to a masterwork being performed by H+H that year. H+H Historically Informed Performance Fellow Teresa Neff and an H+H musician work with students to understand the background and composition of the selected work.

In early April 2022, a professional jury selected 12 works to display during H+H's performance of Haydn The Creation.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art, contact Emily Reed at Artwork will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and students will receive 100 percent commission for the sale.

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Taylor Adams-Bass

Angela Agnello
Colored Pencil

Haydn's timeless "The Creation" depicts Adam and Eve’s story in its last segment. Our progenitors seemed like they had it all before they ate from the tree of knowledge. Thus, unable to be controlled any longer, were cast out with anger. This decision may have cursed us with suffering and death but provided critical thought, my ability to write this hinges on it. Creating this art helped me keep in touch with this dichotomy. If it weren’t for Adam and Eve the art world would be riddled with insensitivity. I truly believe they were cast out into the real world.

Link Ahearn
Linocut Print, ink

My piece for Haydn's Creation is not something I typically do, but the clips and snippets I heard from The Creation inspired me to experiment. I wanted to feel as close as I could to my piece for this prompt, which caused me to choose to make a linocut print. Linocuts have always felt particularly intimate to create. Carving the piece out from a blank piece of linoleum feels akin to carving from a piece of marble. It felt fitting, as Haydn's creation was meant to praise God's creation, my creation was meant to praise Haydn's. I portrayed the silhouettes of demons being driven back by God's light, as this sequence in the song caught my attention the absolute most. While I'm not a particularly religious person, Haydn's composition was truly awe-inspiring, and I see exactly why he wanted so badly to portray and praise these events.

Selected by a jury for display at H+H's performance of Haydn The Creation on Apr 29 and May 1, 2022.

Victoria Aliberti

I chose to depict a passage from The Creation that felt so viscerally poetic to me, when I closed my eyes I could imagine roaring waters and blooming clouds being born from a wide, unending nothingness.

“And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so.”

Haydn’s oratorio has such an explosive, envelopmental quality that I tried to capture while Illustrating this piece- filling the border up as if it was about to spill out of the frame and into reality.

Christopher Allen-Lem

The burst of sound at the start of the piece is what led me to making this illustration. Then mixing the different musical introductions of each animal into the creation, adding each one to the artwork. The female figure portrayed is ambiguous. Either God, one of the first females, or just the human embodiment of the universe.

Lucas Amaral

This piece is inspired by Part One of The Creation, specifically hell's spirits descending into the abyss. The three demons are meant to be a visualization of the taunting spirit in both the chorus and instruments before the new world is created. The demons being placed on each side and directly in front of the human is a representation of the movement of the oratorio in this section.

Malaya Barr

From the moment Haydn's The Creation orchestral story began to play, this was the image my mind created in harmony with the music I heard. Just as the instrumentals burst out of the silence, alive and powerful, symbolizing the interpretation of the world's creation - my idea of a sun-like light breaking through and illuminating the darkness came forth.

Madeleine Beaubien
Acrylic Gouache

With my work I chose to jump off from the ending point of Haydn’s oratorio. Instead of ending on the happy pair and the illusion of a perfect creation in the beginning of Genesis, I lean into the fall and chaos of the aftermath. I wanted to capture the movement and flow of the music, so I painted electric blue larks, as they are mentioned by name in the piece, to relate towards the water and violence of the coming flood. They are fleeing from the serpent and the original sin in the garden after the end of Haydn’s creation.

Selected by a jury for display at H+H's performance of Haydn The Creation on Apr 29 and May 1, 2022.

Milo Bednarczyk
Colored Pencil and Ink

With this project, I wanted to speak to my personal beliefs about the concept of creation as well as what was conveyed in the music piece in the form of a tapestry design that can be viewed at any orientation. I was inspired by the segment where animals were brought into existence, as well as the stormy inception of the oceans, and used the tone of the differing instruments to guide my piece. My philosophy regarding creation is that all we know was once stardust millions of years ago, connecting everything in the universe to one source.

Selected by a jury for display at H+H's performance of Haydn The Creation on Apr 29 and May 1, 2022.

Vivaldi Four Seasons student artwork from MassArt, Elizabeth Derby

Victoria Belanger

The Creation of a Dream
I originally came up with this idea while thinking over the three parts of The Creation by Haydn. In the first part of the performance the Christian God creates the land, waters, heavenly bodies, weather and plant life. In the second, he creates sea creatures, birds, animals, and man. And in the last part, it describes the creatures and humans all living on Earth together. I thought I could reflect this sort of world building by representing the creation of a dream. After we fall asleep, our minds will transition into the fabricated reality of dreams. I felt that showing this transition would relate to the first part of the performance, in which the environment is built. The environments created around the central figure (lakes, pyramids, planets, fields, seas, buildings) are meant to represent the many locations a dream can place us, as well as the nonsensical transition between environments that can occur. Mostly though, this was meant to represent the creation of the environment in the first portion of Haydn’s Creation and the same creation that occurs in our minds.

Dreams can also begin in a multitude of ways. In my own dreams I’ve transitioned from viewing a scene from the third person to being an active member, as well as transforming into different people in different situations. My dreams have also started in short, cloudy segments that transition to clearer, longer portions that have somewhat of a sensible timeline. A few of these personal examples influenced my work, we can see this in the illustration of a small egg at the mouth of a large tunnel growing, transitioning, and coming together to form the large centered figure. This is meant to represent the fragmented and fuzzy transition from conscious, to unconscious, to dreaming. It also is meant to represent the creation of life and it's coming into being that is described in the second portion of The Creation.

The last portion of the performance is represented through the emergence of the figure into their full dream state, in which they can interact with their environment and are involved in it. This portion of the piece was supposed to lean towards the Paradise that the humans and animals experienced for a time and was detailed in the oratorio. I thought of representing subjects such as lucid dreaming and pleasant dreams. The clocks and papers with numbers are meant to represent common triggers of lucid dreaming (reading text, telling the time), as well as the possession the figure has over the illustration as a whole. The clouds represent the great bliss that can be felt with a dream, as well as the great feeling of control and freedom that comes with lucid dreaming. The large warm colored clouds are also supposed to give the same heavenly vibe as the oratorio did. The figures nestled within the clouds are supposed to represent loved ones or people we may see in dreams that might come as a comfort to us. The medium of this piece is gouache on bristol board. During my process, I had a difficult time picking the colors specifically for the bodies, as I know I wanted an array of colors to represent a humanoid form of the mind rather than some specific physical appearance. I decided to mix a multitude of lighter colors together, concentrating in the middle of the figure to represent the blissful state that's occurred in some dreams. I wanted the figure to show a deeper connection to the mind. The floating body parts also have more closely flesh colored tones, rather than some of the brighter yellows, blues and reds we see on the body. I felt this was to be added to represent the transition from the external world to the internal world.

Jenna Bordinger

While listening to Haydn’s The Creation, one aspect that I chose to illustrate in my piece is the sense of empowerment and beauty. The lion has always been a symbol to me that embodies those features as it is a creature that has an intimidating yet graceful aura. I showed this through my work by having the lion on its hind legs performing a mighty roar, yet it’s mane sparkling as it holds the universe. Lastly the flowers depicted in this piece are lilies of the valley, a very special flower to me as they were the favorite flower of my late grandmother, a woman who also had similar traits to the lion, being beautiful and strong.

Selected by a jury for display at H+H's performance of Haydn The Creation on Apr 29 and May 1, 2022.

Nidhi Buty
Pen and ink on paper

Joseph Haydn's oratorio, 'The Creation' depicts a newly formed world, teeming with life and flooding with light. Particularly, this piece visualises the following recitative:

"And God created great whales, and ev’ry living creature that moveth, and God blessed them, saying: Be fruitful all and multiply! Ye winged tribes, be multiplied and sing on ev’ry tree! Multiply, ye finny tribes and fill each wat’ry deep! Be fruitful, grow and multiply! And in your God and Lord rejoice!"

This illustration captures the celebratory nature of the recitative as numerous animals immerse in a community of life. The birds fly above, wind trailing from their wings as they embrace the freshly formed sky, while ocean life thrives below, weaving through the beams of light that flood the water.

Gianna Calisi
Pen and ink and then digitally colored

A bright star illuminates the world in the center of the image. This star represents a higher being creating the world, giving creation life, and bringing light to all of it. In the center we see humanity is being created. Around the edges of the piece we see different organisms representing life in its diversity and beauty.

Selected by a jury for display at H+H's performance of Haydn The Creation on Apr 29 and May 1, 2022.

Dante Canario

The Creation bestowed a concept of the creation of the world, consisting of many diverse animals. This digital painting depicts this creation, from an apple, that derives from the notion of the apple from the Garden of Eden. The apple is an iconic representation of nature and life, in which I chose it to be the focal aspect of the birth of these animals. The action lies in a scene of a mellow forest with contrasting colors to bring forth the depiction of the warmth of the existence of life.

Michaela Capone
ink, gauche

In my piece I wanted to show the metamorphosis of creation. I illustrated it by starting with abstract ink markings that transform into a branch. The branch shows the growth of creation starting from being dead and infected to healthy and prosperous with life. Under it shows an eagle eye view of a marsh, that is meant to create the contrast between the mark making on the top. Overall, I wanted to show the death and growth of creation.

Laura Carson

My piece centers around the introduction of light depicted in “In the Beginning”. While listening to the oratorio, the buildup to and release of this moment of light was powerful and consuming. Almost every instrument joins in full force and, when combined with the vocalists, are able to create an impactful sound that very much represents the angelic tone of heaven. When creating this piece, I wanted to emphasize this moment and not only have the light emanate from the musicians and conductor, but also the flow between them, taking over the atmosphere in a magical way.

Elizabeth Chapdelaine
Colored inks and bristol board

When I was told we were doing a piece on the creation of life, my immediate thought was skulls and plants. Life is a big circle, everything lives with each other. When we die we decompose and certain plants decompose us and without plants we wouldn’t be alive. We both live off each other and create each other. I enjoy creating plants taking over areas and having grow into things and skulls I got into drawing from high school so I created this piece.

Yuting Chen

This piece was inspired by the idea of light introduced in the music. At first the world was filled with void and darkness. When light was introduced in the music, everything opened up. Based on this idea I created the moon as the main light source. I wanted my illustration to evoke the feelings of hope, joy and existence.

Madeleine Collins

I've always been fascinated by creation and evolution, and those are subjects I also enjoy exploring in my art whenever I get the chance. After listening to the musical piece for the Handel and Haydn project, my first thought was of the life springing forth from the instruments themselves alongside the music. My drawing is meant to represent that concept. I also wanted to capture some of the lighter, airier, and more playful notes in the musical piece with bright colors and fluffy, curling clouds.

Selected by a jury for display at H+H's performance of Haydn The Creation on Apr 29 and May 1, 2022.

Manuela Contento
Digital 3D Render

A digital 3D render inspired by Part I of Haydn's oratorio, The Creation. The misty, neoclassical space is an homage to Jacques-Louis David's Oath of the Horatii. Within this space are digitized heritage objects from the Virtual Museums of Małopolska, all leading into a room full of divine light.

Jenevieve Dolby

My piece is meant to embody the concept shown throughout The Creation in a symbolic nature. Everything in this piece was painted in acrylics and edited through digital means. I wanted to make sure that I could portray dimension properly in order to match the scale of the piece. In the background, there are remnants of chaos reaching inwards. However, the hands of God are reaching out to create earth and expel chaos. The golden lines represent the music as it represents a bar of music. This was done to tie the musical number and piece together.

Ches Doyon

The musical composition, The Creation by Haydn, begins with the picture of chaos and turmoil before God begins creating the world. Your senses are overloaded as the whole orchestra bursts forth to paint an image of golden rays existing for the very first time. Immediately, I could see the scene of the Symphony Hall ceiling giving way as the sun and light tumbles down. Thus, I sought to create such a piece to represent what I could see in my mind.

Selected by a jury for display at H+H's performance of Haydn The Creation on Apr 29 and May 1, 2022.

Reece Easter
Posca Marker and Copic Marker

When I was given this assignment, I was immediately drawn to the expulsion of the demons. The sound was creepy yet funny in a way, almost like there was a band of demons playing themselves out. So that is exactly what I drew, I gave some of them trombones because that instrument was absent from the let there be light part in the music, also I think trombone being a demonic instrument is very funny. The violin playing angel expelling the demons atop a lion was based off of the sound the violin when the lion came into being and the double meaning of a violin bow and a bow as a weapon.

Finch Farr-Weinfeld

This piece is a representation of the operatic drama and vast descriptive qualities of Handel's Creation. I was also inspired by the phrase ""in verdure clad"" which moved me to draw my figure in a dazzling coat made of flora. The darkness of winter and the atmosphere of the theater which frames the illustration casts a portent shadow over the whimsy of the snowy creation that takes place before the main figure. I have imagined a parallel and more abstract performance of the creation of earth and nature aiming to capture the maximalism and the showy qualities of the music.

Kelsey Fort

In this piece, I wanted to depict creation as an energy that flows through space. The figure in the artwork is an ambiguous representation of the Holy Creator. She is not only a rendition of the classical God figure, but also a portrayal of the sun and mother nature. Through her music she forms and sustains the Earth’s life and energy.

Abby Francis

While listening to the music and reading the words, I envisioned something with nature and organic visual elements. I used a serpent for this piece, and to connect it with the music, I incorporated a violin making it the main focus while also showing my vision of ‘Creation’.

Jada Gardner
Marker, Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Oil pastel

The dark background represents things that have yet to be created. The three main shapes each represent the elements. The first creation stands for water, plants, and air. I used blues, greens, swirls, and long lines to further add to the idea. The second creation stands for light and fire. I used yellow, orange, red, and flame shapes. The third creation represents earth. I used browns and geometrical shapes to represent mountains and soil. I added a little bit of each color to each creation because God is everything. God is in everything, so everything is everything.

Angela Germain
Colored pencil and gel pen

This piece is based on a quote from The Creation text off of the Handel and Haydn Society’s website that reads, “but as to them thy face is hid, with sudden terror they are struck. Thou tak’st their breath away; they vanish into dust.” My entire piece is the darker interpretation of the phrase, “It’s in God’s hands.” I wanted my piece to be almost an exact illustrative translation of this quote because it had such rich imagery about our mortal relationship to God. I liked how this quote scared me in the way that it’s basically telling us that our lives were never really ours! Even if you don’t believe in God, he still has an invisible hold over your life and everything you do, every move you make is only because he allowed it.

Elizabeth Gillies

In this piece all of Earth’s natural elements are included, along with Eve. God is represented as a glowing eye. The drawing was done combining digital processes with traditional mark making and experimental painting to create an image of landscape and ocean. The well-known religious story is conveyed using spiritual imagery. This is a mystical narrative illustration which takes the viewer through a reinterpretation of the journey of Creation.

Nicole Giroux
Colored pencil

After listening to The Creation, the part that struck me the most was the moment when the light comes through the darkness and the first animals emerging from it. I wanted to put down on paper what I thought the moment may have looked like focusing on the forms of the animals through an intense bright light.

Selected by a jury for display at H+H's performance of Haydn The Creation on Apr 29 and May 1, 2022.

Paola Gonzalez

My inspiration for my piece came primarily from the lovely vocals and lyrics that accompany “The Creation” during the Sun and Moon's “birth”. An image of the sun and the moon joining together in a waltz came to mind. In this scene, I present two human figures, each representing the sun and the moon. They join together in a black sky above crashing waves, a loving embrace connects them. They are opposite and the same, united in dance that will go on for eternity. They were created for each other, one cannot exist without the other.

Alexa Goumas

Creation is born through the interactions within an environment. My illustration for The Creation concerns symbiotic relationships between different life forms in nature. This is symbolized by the visual interaction of the tree and the octopus. Smaller, patterned organisms reflect the music’s dynamic nature and the variety of instruments used. The music is immersive and the sounds of instruments intertwine with one another, much like the octopus and the tree roots.

Annabelle Haskell
Acrylic and ink on watercolor paper, digital

This piece is inspired by the biblical theme of creation with Eve and the apple. I wanted Eve to be viewed and perceived through the lens of the apple. Her story is shaped by the apple and temptation so I thought this was the perfect way to show that. I also wanted this piece to reference Eve taking a bite of the apple and the feeling of shame surrounding her own nudity she gains from that bite. still making it my own image.

Rafiq Hines


Emma Hodgdon

I imagined God as an osprey perched on a branch in the cosmos. Between his wings he created life and light.

Selected by a jury for display at H+H's performance of Haydn The Creation on Apr 29 and May 1, 2022.

Samantha Imrich

The beginning of “the creation” with the loud booming notes and the chaos of the earth being formed from darkness and nothing. This idea is what struck me when I heard this piece. I imagined a huge creature, almost a deity-like figure, large enough to crush rock and cause massive earthquakes. The great booming notes of the song were the Toppling of mountains, the breaking of rock and crushing of stone. All that was left would be ground into a fine dust. From this dust, it would use its massive hand-like wings to shape and mold. To create.  I decided to make it inspired by the Greek goddess of earth Gaia and how they formed humans from mud. The shape of the creature was inspired by a lotus flower, the neck looking like large petals forming a crown, and the wings fingers twisted together like tree branches or vines. The colors were a mix of the pinks and reds from the lotus and the golden colors of a sunrise.

Sandra Kalayjian

In this piece Adam and Eve are shown standing in front of the apple in the garden of Eden. Surrounding the scene are the creatures that used to roam earth before god created light. These creatures are shown looking at the scene as if tempted by the apple themselves.

Gabrielle Kay

When listening to Haydn's The Creation, I was moved with the descriptions of the earth and its animals paired with the harmonious instruments. I was inspired to create an illustration where Mother Earth embodied the land around her while welcoming the newfound animals. I wanted to create a piece where the landscape and its animals were connected harmoniously through color and texture to embody the beauty of the music.

Leah Kinsella

Both music and visual art have always captured me. The way stories can be told, and the spaces both create are something to get lost in. I'm always searching for an opportunity to combine the two things I love. Creations burst forth from a singular point, fading in and out of each other. It's an amazing, sensational event where all life exists as one. This was how I interpreted The Creation, and how I felt the movement exemplified in my work could fit into its narrative.

Vanessa Kraps

I interpreted the Christian creation story with a modern game simulator twist. We see God’s monitor recording the day, 01/05/0000, to reflect the introduction of creatures to the earth on the fifth day. The logo on the computer and on the headphones are capital G & D with a large circle to represent the O in God. I wanted the logo to reflect the modern practice of shortening the word god to be less offensive. The spirits of the animals await their turn to be placed into the Godhood simulator. Tiger has been moved onto the board. Who’s next?

Kaya Long

For my piece, I decided to focus on the section where Gabriel watched as life, such as vegetation, began to grow on earth. I depicted him holding fruit growing from a tree next to him, whilst holding a conductor's baton, as if he is pointing and helping the vegetation flourish. I also decided to add to the image, a blue yellow gradients if the newly birthed sun began to shine down upon the new world beneath it. I thought it would make the image look much more warm and give off a better feeling of life being created, as the sunrise marks a new day for new things to occur.

Emily McKinnon

This piece depicts the holy light brought forth by God and orchestra to dispel the demons of chaos. It is a warm, blinding and purifying light.

Mary Miller

When imagining the concept of creation, the first thing that comes to mind is animals. I also think of creation in terms of religion. In the Bible, God is often said to be a lamb while Satan is a beast. I wanted to illustrate the tension between the idea of God and the idea of the Devil. I depicted God as the lamb and Satan as the black goat, they are butting heads.

Alexis Morris

I utilize my artwork to express myself through storytelling, color, and abstraction. My childhood was filled with many moves, forcing me to embrace change, and teaching me the art of adaption. Later in life, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, the biggest lifestyle change I had ever endured. My experiences and struggles have been the biggest inspiration to my artwork, and actually helped me see that creating is my purpose and my way of healing. While using Haydn's oratorio, "The Creation", for inspiration with this project, I was most compelled by the lyrics and mention of "the heavens". I've created a dreamy and celestial world, where "the earth is without form", depicting the cathartic transformation of water droplets from a cloud, into entities of their own. My piece embodies a soft and euphoric perspective of creation, like the beginning of part one, where there is a gentle build up to "chaos". A philosophy which is underlying in many pieces is the acceptance of ebb and flow, highs and lows, tranquility and chaos.

Jenna Musto

Once I heard the music for “The Creation”. The first connection I got was the Michelangelo “Creation of Adam” that's on display at the sixteenth chapel. I wanted my art to resemble the art of Michelangelo, but with the feeling of the music that this orchestra provided gave this art a different twist between God and Adam.

Judy Nguyen
Ink and gouache

It just takes one spark to create our world and the rest will fall into place. Haydn's The Creation combines with my own visions. Traditional media shows handiwork, evoking the idea that the world is made by the creator's hand. Mixing painting, flowers, and symbols were central to my concept. Daffodils symbolize new beginnings, and this became the starting point for my conception of "The Creation."

JiWon Oh
Markers and color pencils

An angel is coming down from the sky and the other angels and birds are cheering for her. This artwork is very peaceful and hopeful. A style that I have come up with.

Victoria Pearson
Watercolor and ink

This piece is an ever evolving landscape of biblical proportions. Color selection and brush marks were very inspired by the energy and rhythm to the audio recordings. The scenery itself was inspired by traditional stories of the great flood, Pandora's box, as well as Moses parting the red sea. What I want the viewers to think when looking at this piece is if the light beams are blessing and closing the cracks in the earth, or if they are opening them further. Is it Holy intervention or a fall from grace?

Ava Pomilla

As I listened to Part I of “The Creation,” my imagination was captivated by Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael’s choral presentation of light in Genesis. Once I began sketching, I kept picturing a magnificent angel with arms raised, announcing the miracles of life and the wonders of God as they hover brilliantly in the sky, clouds gravitating to their presence. In this piece, an Archangel is encompassed by their great wings with hair like a radiant fire, directing our gaze upwards to the heavenly beams of light, which reached down to touch the Earth.

Vi Quinn
Charcoal, gouache, ink, metallic watercolor paint, paper collage

When visualizing the concept of creation, especially in terms of the divine, I see life enveloped in glowing white light. The same light that is associated with ideas of heaven surrounds life on Earth, uniting all that is material and all that is holy as one entity. Fetal beings provoke thoughts of creation, but more importantly, similarities across species reveal a deeper connection between everything, including man. At creation, there is no natural hierarchy.

Jamie Reinhold

In my project, The Stag, I wanted to take a moment to honor these kings of North American forests. Bathed in the light of Creation, his antlers are adorned with trailing plants. He is surrounded by the richness of delicate hollyhocks and Queen Anne's lace, canopied by fruit-bearing branches laden with apples that mirror his crown; welcoming the Light above.

My aim was to give a nod to the landscapes of the Renaissance era through my digital work, while also restricting the piece to a black and white color pallet to put the most emphasis on the light that is referenced throughout Haydn's Creation.

Frances Reyes

In unison to H+H’s performance of Creation, my artwork is inspired from both performance and imagery created by the musicians. The lyrics of Gods power in the first day is represented through the brightness created in the oratorio through the images of life emerging from the violinist.

Jenylies Suarez Rodriguez

This 11”x16” digital piece is inspired by Haydn’s oratorio The Creation. Throughout the musical piece, there are varying times where the instruments and vocals either blend with one another or overpower each other in a beautiful yet chaotic way. I wanted to incorporate this compositionally with the sunlight and animals. Both subjects that are greatly described in part 1 and part 2 of The Creation. While the sun is in the center of the piece, the animals are more dynamically illustrated in order to represent the power of the creation of the earth.

Lydia Roy
Digital and acrylics

God created the universe in seven days. From the formless void, he sculpted light. Bringing life into the emptiness, he painted the skies blue. Forming the land and seas and filling it with life and nature. Shaping the environment around, lighting up the Sun and stars. Populating the Earth with living creatures to bring it all purpose and meaning. Day after day, he worked
tirelessly to find a perfect mix to fill the non-existence with life. This work is my vision of the
Biblical story of the accounts of creation. Where God is an almighty artist, who controls all the elements of existence. Mixing and shaping them to his will. Bringing his artistic idea, his ultimate vision, to life.

Melissa Santos
Digital and pearlescent watercolor

During the initial creative phase of illustrating The Creation, I had participated in an interview with one of the musicians playing this piece, and I was mesmerized by her adoration for music. The romantic way she had described how the music felt to her was something I had carried with me throughout the process of this piece.

The scene I chose to illustrate was the scene in which light and life were created by God. I wanted to describe this eruption of light from nothingness through bright colors and busy details while also maintaining a visual balance while also using references from the lyrics. I was inspired by the musician's delight at how Haydn had captured the personalities of the mentioned animals through sound. By distributing the weight of the six main bodies mentioned and filling the gaps with smaller, but still significant, creatures, I had achieved the visual balance I was looking for. The color palette was also inspired by the warm tones of the historical instruments, and the metallic accents were used to further express this creation of light as well as the loudness of the musical piece itself.

Dakota Savage

Digital: Adobe Illustrator

Haydn's "The Creation" reminded me of the golden ratio, which is a divine measurement. Objects that incapsulate the golden ratio measurement are harmonious and proportional. An example would be the scroll of a violin.

Mesa Serbin
Ink and gold leaf

I chose to focus on creation from destruction, and the juxtaposition that both beginnings and endings are suspended in space because neither exists. If heaven and earth were truly created from the void in the prelude, what would that look like? Angels are mentioned several times throughout the story, would they be singing in this void? If so, would that truly be the beginning of heaven and earth, or would heaven and earth themselves be the void? To illustrate this vital moment, I set gold leaf, signifying angels and beginning, against a deep black, demonstrating the dark rolling void. Dividing light from darkness displays this infinite cycle of creation in this destructive void.

Mylee Setzer

I’ve always enjoyed drawing beautiful goddess figures, so from the beginning of this project I was captured by the image of a larger-than-life goddess, playing the world into being from nothing. Her eyes are shut tightly, lost in her song, as the light behind her begins to push away the chaos. I chose to use my mother as a model for the goddess’ features, creating a personal connection to the idea of “creation.” My mother is not only my creator, but a painter herself, and I have reimagined her here as the grand creator of the entire world.

Oscar Figueroa Sierra

“A moment of hesitation” is the title of this piece. The concept behind it is creation and the process of life - As we all know, sex is just about the most popular way of recreating life as mammals. The title was given to depict the moment of a third party (you, the viewer) the exact confusion, shock, and outright repulsive emotions most would feel when they interrupt Sexual intercourse of a loved one they could never imagine being a part of. 

But why a Monster? I chose this style to play a visual design of opinions of randomly selected friends and their genuine response of the thought of walking in on someone they wouldn’t imagine having intercourse- disgust, shock, and utter regret. The process of creation isn’t a pretty one, but it’s only beautiful if you are a part of it. Everyone loves it for the most part, but once you have your share of it, the remaining process can lead people to shame for either the videos they watch or the regret of walking in on someone. 

The blood is symbolic of the many fetishes, or slight accidents we humans have during these passionate moments, the eyes are symbolic of how we tend to dart around the body to climax - then the tentacles, blemishes, and hair are for the added effect of disgust. The twisting limbs are for visual reputation of fetishes, and the bumble bee thorax is a play on joke of the saying “the birds and the bees”. The skull is the underhanded reminder that although they are creating life, death is always around for both people, and the new life, the melting partner on top is to show the melting feeling of desire during a climax, and the partner who turned into a monster is to show the shock and mid moment of realization that they were walked onto during this process. 

Sikai Song

My piece revolves around the theme of God’s earliest creation in the beginning stages. God created flowers, trees, plants and accomplished his greatest creation of man and woman in his image. Before the man and woman ate the forbidden fruit and lost their innocences, they were born naked in a state of nature. So I left the female figure in my piece naked in her original state. Like Adam and Eve, man and woman share a close relationship and strong connection with the nature. Therefore, I used plants in the background to create the feeling that the woman was part of the nature environment.

Ruby (Ngoc) Ta

When listening to The Creation, I felt a sense of closure with it. I see God inspired himself to create the land and life.

Jay Tolleson

Haydn’s "The Creation" is a piece that details the creation story from the Bible, using both text and music to set the mood and drive the narrative. For my piece, I was drawn to the idea of light being created and bursting into the scene as well as erupting from the darkness. From light comes life, which is represented by the outlines of the various animals that are mentioned in "The Creation".

Bianca Tracanna

Inspired by the biblical stories within The Creation music, I chose to represent the animals and nature that were created. I wanted to show God’s creations living in harmony.

Nora Vesztergom

For this illustration, my inspiration was the energy of the music and the ensemble, as well as the contrast between light and dark. The aforementioned energy and light of the music manifests itself into the shapes of animals.

Selected by a jury for display at H+H's performance of Haydn The Creation on Apr 29 and May 1, 2022.

Vivienne Wychorski

For my piece, I decided to explore the idea of creation regarding the woman as we know her. I was particularly interested in portraying a pregnant Eve, as childbirth was one of her punishments for eating the fruit of knowledge. By depicting a human woman with both heavenly and demonic traits, my project explores the idea of a woman straying from God, while also being totally at peace with herself.

Yiner Xu
Collage, Digital

When listening to Haydn’s The Creation, it inspired me to create a healing landscape with the bright light of the rising sun and a graceful lark singing delightfully in the sea of sweet flowers. The light of the rising sun represents “hope” and “courage”. The texture of the sky and clouds is to represent the ups and downs of the music’s mood. I made this piece with paper collage and illustrated the sunlight digitally. The piece is to convey a sense of happiness and joy.

Parker Yarasitis

Throughout The Creation, there are elements of newfound wonder expressed through the composition. Especially toward the beginning of the piece, the newness of the world is impressed upon those listening through the sudden swells of nearly all of the orchestra. This, paired with the naturalism expressed later in the piece with the march of the animals, reminded me of the story of the golem. A story of creation in itself, this Jewish narrative has its own innumerable interpretations, similarly to the creation of earth in the Bible. This lens helped me relate to the music even further, and consider how the act of creation affects the average person.

Hefang Zhang

God created man, plants, animals, and all things on earth. These creations are divine and fantastic. I think God created all these things so that they can grow up being each other’s company and not feel alone. To express the creation of everything in the world and the harmony between them, I have incorporated humans, plants, and animals in the same picture. A genderless human lying in a flower with a few darting squids entwined. My intentions was to create a feeling of dreamland with the main color purple as well as the composition. I wish that we could go back to the day when God created us and live in harmony with everything in the world. This is what I wanted to express in this painting.