Project Handel MESSIAH


Each season, juniors in the Illustration Department of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design create works of original art in response to a masterwork being performed by H+H that year. H+H Historically Informed Performance Fellow Teresa Neff and an H+H musician work with students to understand the background and composition of the selected work.

Logo for MassArt

Artwork of a pregnant woman with long hair

Allen Jimmerson

Artwork of an orchestra and chorus in the sky

Andy Xu

Artwork of a woman holding lambs

Cailey Pokrzywa

Artwork of musicians and Symphony Hall

Collin McCormack

Artwork of a violinist in a red dress

Edie Feldmann

Artwork of a heron fighting with a snake

Elena Mathis

Artwork of a violinist and shepherd

Erin Packard

Artwork of a conductor with ghostly instruments

Faye Silvia

Stained glass artwork of Jesus

Gersom Rivera

Artwork of Jesus floating above an orchestra

Hoang Huynh

Artwork of a black and white forest

Jackie Lane

Artwork of a trumpeter at Heaven's gate

Jennifer Danh

Artwork of an angel in the sky

Jace Mouradian

Artwork of a demonic lamb holding a scroll

Larry Bousquet

Artwork of an angel holding a skeleton

Katherine Cerato

Artwork of an angel holding a cross

Marissa Mazzone

Cartoon of a conductor and orhcestra

Matthew Defelice

Artwork of an animal skull illuminated by purple light

Nicole Nolin

Artwork of a sleeping lamb in a field

Mollie Larum

Artwork of a silhouette looking up

Morgan Gredenius

Artwork of a Black mother and child

Olivia Herlihy

Drawing of a violinist playing

Pauline Pitts

Artwork of an angel flying

Sara Li

Painting of giant hands descending from the sky

Taylor Murchie

Painting of Jesus and a crying Mary

Unna Doangpratheep

Painting of mythological creatures battling

Yiwen Hou

Painting of a figure ascending from the ground

Zackery Gattoni

Painting of a cello with a blue sky

Al Cogan

Painting of a heart and ring of angel wings

Josselyn Siegel

Painting of sheep and doves in a field

Olivia Bermingham

Artwork of conductor

Josselyn Siegel