Gifts of Stock

Making a gift of appreciated stock can be an appealing way to have a direct impact on H+H's future while potentially reducing or eliminating your capital gains tax liabilities.

conductor and orchestra
RBC Wealth Management processes stock contributions as our broker.

RBC Wealth Management, Inc.
1 Beacon Street, Ste 2
Boston, MA 02108-3105

DTC # 0235
Account Title: Handel and Haydn Society
Account Number: 300-81084
Phone: 617.725.2288

If your stock is held by your broker, it may simply be transferred by your broker to RBC Wealth Management electronically. In order for us to be able to identify you as the donor, you must instruct your broker to specify your name in the transfer.

For actual stock certificates in your name(s), you may request stock powers from RBC Wealth Management. Send the stock certificates, unsigned, to RBC at the above address via certified mail or overnight delivery. Be sure to send the stock power forms separate from the certificates also via certified mail or overnight delivery.

Handel and Haydn’s FEIN # is 04-2126598


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