ZOOM 101

How you can use Zoom to have the best possible experience!

Optimize settings: 

  • Close all other applications and tabs. Open browser tabs and other applications will slow down your video and audio connection. 
  • Move your computer physically closer to your Wi-Fi router. 
  • Check your internet speed. We recommend at least 1 MB per second (download). See how your connection stacks up here. 

How to join: 

  • Click the URL we send to dial-in via computer or your smart phone / tablet. If you don’t have the Zoom app, you can dial-in via web browser (the app is free though!). Please test your connection early so you’re ready to go when we start the event! 

I want to change the participants I’m seeing: 

  • There are several view options for participants. We recommend “Gallery View” so you can see everyone, but you also can do “Active Speaker View”. 

Razzle & Dazzle: 

  • Lighting - Don't have your light source behind you (for example, don’t sit right in front of a window). Instead, try having a lamp on in front of you or have your overhead lights turned on. 
  • Framing & Angle - Can people still see you well if you’re not speaking? Straight on is best! 
  • Clutter - People will look at your background, so keep it clean and simple, like with a nice piece of art or an organized bookcase. 

Help, my house is noisy!

  • If you’re concerned about a noisy background, please consider using headphones with a microphone. 
  • Mute yourself when the speaker is talking and unmute whenever you want to speak (in the bottom left corner of your Zoom window, click MUTE under the microphone icon).