Musically Speaking Concert Preview

A Livestream On Beethoven Symphony No. 6, Pastoral

Tuesday, November 2, 2021
7:30 - 8:00 PM ET

During this concert preview, H+H musicians share insights about the music on our upcoming performance of Beethoven Symphony No. 6, Pastoral and Farrenc Symphony No. 3.
Emily Marvosh, host, and Teresa Neff, H+H's Historically Informed Performance Fellow, join H+H principal wind players: Emi Ferguson (flute) and Eric Hoeprich (clarinet), to discuss Farrenc's notable writing for winds in her Symphony No. 3.


Emily Marvosh, host
Teresa Neff, H+H Historically Informed Performance Fellow
Emi Ferguson, principal flute
Eric Hoeprich, principal clarinet

woman smiling

Emily Marvosh

woman smiling

Teresa Neff

woman playing instrument

Emi Ferguson

man playing instrument

Eric Hoeprich

painting of a composer

Louise Farrenc